Friday, July 27, 2007

Site Stealer Review

The Fastest Way To Make Money Online Is To Steal Sites That Are Already Successful Site Stealer Sal sounds bad doesn't it.

It isnt though, its not illegal, otherwise it would not get this review.

It is a genius product though. It got my attention.

One of the reasons I like site stealer Sal is because its one of those brief looks around the door of the "guru" marketer. If there are newbies reading and i hope there are...those guys you may look up to online are doing what is in this product, and have been for ages!

Its no secret, we all know the big guns pull money off the internet like the rest of us pick apples from a tree. They know all the tricks, tips - devious techniques and quickest moves. Thats why they are good at what they do.

Here is a snippet from Site Stealer Sal, an Over view if you will....

Level 1: The Easy Grab - More than 50% of your online business depends on this very small thing. It's easier than you think to just grab this 'one sentence' from super-successful sites, make a few changes, and BADA BING - BADA BOOM - you're in business! I even give you the 'lock pick' and show you how to 'pick the lock' in a matter of minutes

Level 2: The Swipe and Run - Alright, forget just the one sentence - take the whole page! The site's making money, right? So why not take the most important page in the entire process, have it retrofitted for your own purposed and ... HELLO!!! You're done!

Level 3: Knock Over the Whole Store - This one's a little bit more dangerous than the other two. But I'll show you how to just steal the entire store right out from under their noses. Just like my ol' Wayne Huizenga did over at Blockbuster Video - he looked at McDonald's and said "AYYY - FUGGEDABOUTIT - I'm gonna do the same thing with movie rentals"! But here's the truth: It's easier than ever to do this online.

Level 4: Make 'em Give You The Keys - No strong-arming here. Nothing illegal. But this really is the best deal on the planet! Picture this - a site that's already converting like crazy, making the guy a few hundred bucks a day or more, and then you come along and say "well, well, well - lookie here" - and grab the whole thing for yourself!! (And no, I'm not talking about affiliate marketing, here, you get the entire site - 100% of the sale goes to you. As Sal would say "Fuggedabout it!")

Level 5: Turn the Tables - This is where you become the boss yourself and let people think 'steal' from you - in the meantime - you get a piece of all the action. You can't just jump straight into this though - need to get the respect from the family first.

BONUS!!! Viral Level 5: This is it! This is how you turn the tables, become the boss yourself, and keep getting paid for months and months after the initial day you release your site. If "Viral Level 5" doesn't completely blow you away, then pull the plug right away and get your money back now. You must be making all the money you need.

So What are you getting?

The PRECISE "Site Stealing" Strategies that "Gurus" have personally used to make 10's of thousands of dollars in just the last few months alone - the same strategies that countless other in the internet marketing insider's club silently use to make hundreds of thousands of dollars each and every year. If you're looking for a bunch of fluffy pages with filler and nonsense - you should probably just forget about it right now. If you want someone to tell you a bedtime story, call your momma,. With Site Stealer, you're going to get exactly what you need to start making money in the next 3 or 4 days by "stealing" sites. Nothing more. Nothing less.

In the Site Stealer program, You get right to the meat of the matter with 76 straightforward pages of premium 'Grade-A' money-pumping strategies that can be applied right away. In fact - if you're not going to apply them right away to start making money this week, then I don't know how you even got this far into the page. And let me remind you of something else -- $10k a month is chump change -

but if you can't make at least $100k a year by "stealin' sites", then you need to stop trying to "make money online"

right here and right now. Get your money back, cut your losses, and figure out another way to make money.

I'm serious here. This is the easiest way and the shortest short cut to make money online. You'll receive a 76 page e-book, videos on how to do it, even tools to do it with - everything you need. Find Out More By Clicking Here